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Introducing our law firm

An Agenda For Change

Domestic Abuse Intervention programmes designed to promote lasting change for parents in child protection measures.

DV-ACTION Programmes

Womens' programme

Our ground breaking bespoke programme for mothers, delivered by specialists, aims to fill the gap in provision for mothers in child protection measures. 

Domestic abuse prevention

A one to one programme of work containing all the elements of a domestic abuse prevention programme (DAPP) but tailored to the needs of the case and delivered remotely. 

Motivational programme

A unique motivational programme aimed at fathers who are not suitable for domestic abuse treatment programmes due to denial or minimisation. 


Specialist perpetrator interventions

A bespoke programme of work to provide in depth specialist work to perpetrators on specific areas of concern.

Programme assessments

All of our programmes include a full final assessment report suitable for court and completed by an expert risk assessor.

How DV-ACTION Programmes are different

DVACT-PAI experts have used their decades of experience to develop the UK's first bespoke domestic abuse programmes delivered in a blended learning format. This is how we are different:

A child-centred approach - Regardless of the type of programme, victim or perpetrator, the safety of the child is always the main consideration and at the heart of everything we do.

Designed to make changes - Our programmes aim to move clients to a point where they can make effective changes.

Tailored to the case - All of our programmes are completed on a 1:1 basis so that the specific needs of the client can be met. 

Virtual blended learning - Rather than the ad-hoc efforts delivered during the pandemic, our programmes are professional purpose-built online courses. 1:1 sessions with an expert treatment worker take place via video calling and online materials are available to reinforce the learning at home.

Active learning styles - Programme materials are tailored to match the learning styles of the client.

Expert final reports - All of our programmes include final reports completed by expert assessors that can be used in court if necessary.

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