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DV-ACTION Bespoke Programmes: An Agenda for Change

A closer look at how DV-ACTION programmes meet the needs of parents in child protection measures and aims to make real changes.

DV-ACT experts have used their decades of experience to develop the UK's first bespoke domestic abuse programmes delivered remotely for parents in child protection measures. Our programmes are designed to support effective change in parents particularly where there are complex needs, this is how:

Having a child-centred approach - The safety of the child/ren is always the main consideration, making our programmes more appropriate to address child safeguarding concerns.

Designed to make changes - Our programmes aim to move clients to a point where they can make effective changes. Our expertise in working with complex cases means that we can focus on the areas that parents need to focus on in order to support lasting change.

Treatment workers with relevant expertise - Domestic abuse treatment programmes and assessment requires specialist expertise with facilitators that are familiar with the dynamics of domestic abuse. All DV-ACT treatment workers have many years experience of direct work with perpetrators and victims either within Respect accredited or probation run perpetrator programmes.

Informed by risk assessment - We know that domestic abuse treatment programmes are not a panacea and that attendance does not guarantee a reduction in risk, therefore, treatment plans are overseen by specialist risk assessors to ensure that expectations are realistic and changes can be made within the child/rens timescales.

Bespoke sessions tailored to the case - All of our programmes are completed on a 1:1 basis so that the specific needs of the client can be met in line with the child protection plan. This means that we can deliver programmes to those that cannot attend a group work programme, such as those that need an interpreter, have used female violence, are registered sex offenders or have complex needs.

Delivered using blended learning - Rather than the ad-hoc efforts delivered during the pandemic, our programmes are professional purpose-built remote courses. All of our programmes include 1:1 sessions with an expert treatment worker that take place via video calling with online materials available to reinforce the learning at home.​

Active learning styles supported - Many domestic abuse programmes are created by academics with a focus on reading material and producing written work. DV-ACTION Programme materials are tailored to match the learning styles of the client to help them to understand and internalise the material.

Court ready completion reports always provided - All programmes include a full final assessment report that, for the preservation of objectivity, is completed by assessors independent from the practitioner completing the work. As this report is completed by an expert assessor it can be used with confidence in court proceedings – all DV-ACT assessors are experienced, expert witnesses.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about the programme, need a quote for the costs or estimated completion date please contact me, Claire Verney, at or call on 0203 9678368. About us

DV-ACT are a team of domestic abuse experts, available throughout the UK, who provide assessments, consultancy and training to local authorities and the family courts. Our experts have decades of experience working directly with domestic abuse perpetrators and victims, as specialist assessors and as expert witnesses in the family courts. ​DV-ACT was formed with the aim of using our expertise to help safeguard children from abuse, this is at the heart of everything that we do. You can read more about us in our post Who are DV-ACT?


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