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Our Vision

DV-ACTION's bespoke programmes, designed by domestic abuse experts, aim to promote effective change in parents and safeguard children from abuse in the home. 

Every programme has the safety of children as the primary focus.

Who we are

Virtual Team Meeting


DVACT-PAI comprises a team of domestic abuse experts who have worked in the domestic abuse sector for many years.

Our independence and decades of experience mean that we have the flexibility to provide the most suitable interventions for families, to find creative and realistic means of managing risk and to devise bespoke treatment packages.


We take a principled stance with the welfare of women and children at the centre of our concerns.


DVACT-PAI was formed with these goals in mind and we have gone from strength to strength. Our experts have provided expert interventions for courts and local authorities nationwide.

What we do

Mother and Son

Programmes for vulnerable mothers

DVACT-PAI have developed the first vulnerability programme available to be delivered across the UK in a blended format.

This programme is for mothers in care proceedings or child-protection measures with the aim of improving their and their children's safety from an abusive partner. 

Often described as an 'attachment' programme this focuses on breaking an unhealthy attachment to an abusive ex/partner and helping them to assess the risks posed by a partner.

Visit our blog post - the groundbreaking new programme for mothers.


Our Values

To safeguard children from abuse

The safety and wellbeing of children is always the main consideration of the interventions that we deliver.

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