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1:1 Motivational Programme for Fathers

This innovative programme works with fathers that are willing to complete domestic abuse work but are unsuitable for a full domestic abuse prevention programme (DAPP) because they do not admit to their abusive behaviour or heavily minimise incidents of abuse. Designed specifically for fathers who have children in child protection measures this programme of work aims to get those who are in a state of entrenched denial to the point at which they can attend a full DAPP with DV-ACT or other DAPP providers. 


The programme is particularly suitable for fathers who:

  • have been found unsuitable for a programme due to their denial/minimisation

  • deny or minimise abusive behaviour but are willing to participate in domestic abuse work

  • admit to low-risk incidents but deny using high-risk behaviour


Please note that this is a motivational programme with the aim of getting fathers to the point at which they are then suitable to attend a full DAPP and is not a replacement programme that would work to reduce the risks in a case. This programme is only available where a referral is made by children's services.

Features of the DV-ACTION motivational programme


An intensive and focused programme of work is delivered by a dedicated domestic abuse specialist.


Sessions are tailored to cover specific areas of concern and to meet the requirements of the child protection plan.


One to one sessions are delivered remotely across the UK and are available to those who require an interpreter or who have additional needs. 

Court Ready

The work is recorded accurately and reported upon completion to help inform the child protection plan.


Provides the opportunity to progress to a full  DAPP if sufficient change takes place.

Programme session content

The 6 session programme is tailored to the needs of the perpetrator and the child protection plan and will cover the following:

  • Identifying the source of resistance

  • Motivational work

  • Understanding the cycle of violence and abuse

  • Gains and losses from changing behaviour

  • Understanding the impact of domestic abuse on children

  • Understanding the Local Authority's concerns

  • Viewing DAPP material to prepare for a full programme

  • Cultural challenges


As it is a bespoke programme delivered on a one to one basis, there can be a particular focus on specific areas of concern and further sessions can be included where required.

Programme delivery

Where a client has not first completed a full risk or joint assessment with DV-ACT an initial suitability assessment will need to be completed with an expert assessor. Sessions will then take place either once or twice a week depending upon the needs of the client and the stage that the case is at. There will be an additional session towards the end of the programme where an expert assessor will meet with the client in order to complete the final assessment report. Sessions can be completed using an interpreter, should this be required.


Sessions are completed remotely; however, face to face sessions may be possible at social work offices depending upon the location and what government restrictions are in place at the time.


Alternatively please contact us to find out costs, timescales and how to make a referral.

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Motivational Work for Fathers

Many fathers can become stuck in a cycle of denial and minimisation which leaves them unable to complete appropriate treatment programmes to work on their behaviour. Through intensive motivational sessions, DV-ACT experts aim to move the client to a position where he is suitable to attend a DAPP.

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