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The DV-ACTION Online Learning Platform

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

DV-ACTION programmes has purpose-built an online learning platform for their bespoke vulnerability programme for mothers. Read on to find out more about how this works and benefits clients.

Most community domestic abuse programmes and groups offer excellent, education, support and advocacy to victims of abuse however, they usually only run at specific times for a set number of weeks. This means that women have time between sessions without further input or guidance and, once the programme finishes, are left to seek out further learning and support themselves. While additional learning can be sought out online this is often generic and does not meet the needs of Mothers in care proceedings who need focused work in specific areas. There is also the issue that many community programmes are created with an academic learning style meaning that much of the material is not compatible with clients who may have a more active or visual learning style.

To address these problems DV-ACT has purpose-built an online learning platform with topics released weekly in line with clients treatment plans. Not only does this deliver targeted and focused work and activities matched to the clients learning style but it also remains available to the client for as long as they wish, in order to support lasting change.

How does the platform work with the treatment sessions?

The DV-ACTION vulnerability programme includes 1:1 sessions with an experienced treatment worker with the learning platform supporting the mother alongside this work. At a pre-treatment session the mother will devise a programme of work with their treatment worker. This work will be tailored to the needs of the child protection plan, following directions from any assessments completed by domestic abuse experts.

The treatment worker will then arrange for specific topics to be released weekly on the learning platform over the 10 week programme. A safety plan will also be completed which will be uploaded to the platform for them to access and update any time. There will also be activities and resources that will feed into the treatment sessions allowing the client to explore topics covered in treatment sessions in more depth.

A tablet is sent to the client so that they can complete their treatment sessions and online learning. A one to one session will also be available from our programme team who will show clients how to navigate the learning platform and get the most from their online learning.

What topics are available on the platform?

As well as the topics tailored to their needs, every client will have immediate and continuing access to the following:

  • A personal safety plan devised with the mothers personal details and the facility for her to continually update this

  • Links to their treatment sessions

  • Access to a daily journal

  • General topics including; confidentiality, how to keep devices secure, the importance of self care and how to get the most from the programme

  • General resources about domestic abuse including information leaflets, links to support services, news articles, videos, interviews, music and formal resources such as power and control wheels.

There are currently a selection of over 80 different topics related to domestic and sexual abuse that can be released depending on the clients needs under the following broad themes:

  • Domestic abuse knowledge - covering subjects such as - what is non-physical abuse? What is abusive? What is Claire's law?

  • Sexual abuse - covering subjects such as - what is sexual abuse? Understanding consent and the importance of protection and contraception

  • Attachment - covering subjects such as - why I stayed, why I left, dealing with the pressure to reconcile

  • Children - covering subjects such as - talking to your children about the abuse, what is a good dad, reparative parenting

  • Safety planning - including subjects such as - prioritising children's safety, crisis management, early warning signals

  • Personal insight - subjects such as - the impact of abuse, the use of violent resistance, why am I vulnerable?

  • Moving forward - Including subjects such as - building self esteem and self care, working collaboratively with professionals, what to do when starting a new relationship

  • Additional needs - this section will cover specific needs not included in the above areas such as alcohol abuse, grieving and loss and immigration concerns

Topics and resources will be updated on a continual basis with DV-ACT providing a platform for learning that is uniquely tailored to mothers in child protection measures who are/have been victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

What is included in the online topics?

Each topic will include:

  • The learning aims for the topic

  • Short paragraphs of learning about the topic

  • Material with simplified and understandable language

  • Frequent reminders to apply the learning and material to their own experiences

  • Videos to watch - including short dramas illustrating the realities of domestic abuse as well as videos created by DV-ACT to explain concepts in domestic abuse more simply

  • Interactive activities to complete online

  • Extra information and resources on the topic if the mother would like to explore the topic further including reading, links to other sites and more in depth videos

  • Self-care tips

  • Time for reflection with a link back to their daily journal.

What about security?

The platform is not available for the general public and can only be accessed through a link given by DV-ACT only to those completing the programme. Mothers will be given their own unique username and password to access the platform and all the tablets will be set with a secure PIN number. The password on the learning platform can be changed by DV-ACT following a text from the mother if her tablet is compromised.

All the learning, activities and videos are embedded within the learning platform so that written work or access to other websites are kept to a minimum. The initial session with our programmes manager will include advice on how to keep their tablet and programme secure as well as there being a specific topic on tech abuse on the very first week of the programme.

What happens when the 10 treatment sessions are over?

Upon completion of the 10 treatment sessions the learning platform will unlock the majority of the topics not included in the treatment plan (except those from the additional needs section that are not applicable). This means that the mother will have ongoing access not only to the learning she has already completed but to a wealth of online learning and resources related to domestic abuse. She can continue to update her safety plan as needed and dip in and out of the material in the future if she wants to.

The learning platform can be accessed on mobile devices, PC's and laptops, however, the tablet given to her at the beginning of the programme stays with her to use as she wishes. This has the potential to not only benefit her ongoing development with domestic abuse but also provides greater access to services in general for her and her


Further questions

If you have any further questions about the programme or wish to make a referral please contact the programmes team at or call on 0203 9678368. If you would like to discuss a specific case a call back can be arranged with one of our clinical managers.

About us

DV-ACT Programmes are a division of DV-ACT Ltd. DV-ACT comprises a team of domestic abuse experts, available throughout the UK, who provide assessments, consultancy training and treatment programmes to local authorities and the family courts. DV-ACT was formed with the aim of using our expertise to help safeguard children from abuse, this is at the heart of everything that we do.

You can find out more about us by visiting out blog post Who runs DV-ACTION Bespoke Programmes? or visit our main company website at


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